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If your tomboy childhood friend asked you for a unique favor, what would you do?

Our heroine is Isuem, an old friend of the protagonist. She’s a total cutie who looks good in men’s clothing! One day, she approaches our main character, Kcolraw, to help her with an experiment…
“Tests on Enhancing and Accentuating Titties… TEAT!”

Kcolraw agrees, and the experiment gets underway. It’s not long before the elixir she’s developed, helped along by Kcol’s ‘massages’, has her rocking the body of her dreams.

Isuem’s so pleased that she decides to give Kcolraw some blowjobs and a naughty little titfuck or two!

As the two get closer (and more adventurous), it begs the question… What’ll happen when the experiment comes to an end?


  • An Erotic RPG Adventure Game
  • Unlock Numerous Scenes
  • Sexual Experience Status
  • Rewatch Scenes in the Scene Room

Isuem’s Elixir

Kcolraw, a star magictechnology student, receives an intriguing proposition from his childhood friend, Isuem. Being a genius herself, Isuem has created an elixir that could take her body from boyish to buxom bombshell…but she’ll need Kcolraw’s help to make her experiment a success.

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